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You've earned it - where do you want to go now?

Welcome to Grown Up Traveler!

Are you a "grown up traveler?"  You are likely a baby-boomer, but could be younger.  It isn't about age; it is more a mindset. You might have backpacked and rail-passed in your 20's and 30's, or had friends who did.  Many of you postponed travel for family or career, but now you are ready to explore, and discover what a great world this is, both home and abroad.  You are interested in independent travel, but not opposed to the right kinds of tours.  You are not looking to couch-surf or sleep in a dorm, though the old concept of hostels has changed and may be more welcoming than you expect. You like a bit more comfort, and a bit more predictability in your travels. The internet has opened up lots of opportunities, and we are going to talk about that.  After all, at this point, the world is your oyster.

The stories on GrownUpTraveler will hopefully transport you to different worlds, and encourage you to plan your own adventures, or enjoy the ride from the comfort of your home. We will have tips and suggestions accumulated over 40 years of traveling, primarily in Europe.  We will also talk about some of the volunteer experiences that are available for those with the time and interest. To read the stories click on Blog in the drop down menu. Breaking news and interesting articles are posted in my companion Facebook Page in the dropdown menu under Articles. The Page has a search feature that should help you find what you are looking for. Better yet, Like my Facebook Page in the box below and you will get posts automatically. To see photographs of my travels, click on the Photography menu above, and it will take you to my photography websites.  You can also follow me on Instagram  Feedback and suggestions are encouraged. This should be fun.

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